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‘ I began the 2D STOP-MOTION puppetry course with little to no experience. I adore paper animation and being a puppeteer and designer I came in with all guns blazing. I had a vision for what I wanted to achieve and Gary helped every step of the way. He is a consummate expert, very patient, and has a genuine enthusiasm for each student's project.'

Vanessa Ellis, Puppeteer, 
Melbourne, Australia

‘I find it extraordinary that you can ask the students to hide behind their creatures, to enable them to express everything that they are unable to express or normally say in a class.’

Michelle, Teacher,
College du Leman, Geneva

‘How powerful it is to reach into your subconscious and somehow to extract the personality out of a lifeless being and give it life.’  

Alia, Teacher
College du Leman, Geneva, Switzerland

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